The Dickirson Corporation was founded in 1959 by Ray D. Dickirson, whose concept was to combine a welding shop with a truck dealership in order to supply specialized trucks for the oil and gas industry. Over the decades the company has evolved into a manufacturer of specialized oilfield structures, drilling and well service rigs as well as the specialized trucks that were the original concept of the company.

Today, The Dickirson Corporation is a third-generation family company and continues to be a veteran-owned business.

Since 1959, Dickirson-built products have operated in the oilfields of the eastern United States, Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Singapore, China, and just about anywhere in the world where someone was searching for oil and gas.

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Yes, the Spelling is Correct!

Often, we get questions about the spelling of our name. Is it Dickerson Corporation? Our official name is The Dickirson (with two i’s) Corporation.