Quality Policy

The Dickirson Corporation is dedicated to producing the highest quality products and services that meet or exceeds customer requirements and expectations. We strive to improve our products, processes and people to promote continuous improvement in all areas of the company.

Safety Policy

The Dickirson Corporation is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. All employees are responsible for strict adherence to safety and health rules and regulations to insure our own and others’ safety.

In recognition of industrial and environmental hazards, safety devices have been installed throughout the manufacturing facility to maintain a hazard free workplace. The Health, Safety & Environmental (HS&E) Coordinator continually reviews safety and health practices. Our employees are most familiar with their work area and the possible hazards. Each employee is expected to report hazardous conditions to their supervisor or the Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator so that these matters can command immediate attention.

As part of our overall Safety Program, the Dickirson Corporation facility has developed a Safety Manual for our operations. The HS&E Coordinator is responsible for maintaining and implementing these policies and guidelines. All employees are required to be familiar with these policies and guidelines.

Employee Responsibility

Our intention is to make this plant a safe place to work by eliminating hazardous conditions; placing protective guards on machines; and providing the essential protective equipment needed on the job. However, the ultimate responsibility for ensuring safety rests with our employees. We require all employees to immediately report unsafe conditions or acts directly to a supervisor.